Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cecilia Perez Joins Forces with Alfalit

Our own Coconut Grove will be the next platform for Cecilia Perez's designs. This event is approaching and will take place September 22nd. The revenue generated from Cecilia Perez designs will go to a worldwide non-profit organization, Alfalit International.

Alfalit International, Inc., is a faith-based nonprofit organization, founded in 1961, that provides programs to the most needy of the world in Literacy, Basic Education, Preschool, Health, Nutrition and Community Development in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Portugal, and the United States.

Cecilia Perez is honored to have been invited to participate for such a great cause. Being a mother and grandmother as well as an eternal lover of kids, she is not only flattered but ecstatic to be able to give back in her own way through art, color & design.

So, embrace the moment, we will get to see the next collection. An haute couture display will bring dreams, fantasies and art together for a better tomorrow.

Hoping to see you there soon.

More news to come.