Wednesday, November 04, 2009

2009 Year in Review: From the Desk of Cecilia Perez

Several events have been the highlights of the year.

Cecilia Perez wants to communicate with her clients, staff members and sponsors to detail the aftermath of the present year.

In anticipation to Thanksgiving and with the intention of thanking all people who have made this year a success, Cecilia Perez wants to make sure there is clarity and knowledge as to the happenings within the current year.

Many people have had a collaborative spirit and ample participation in Cecilia Perez Haute Couture 2009 various runways, festivals and directives.

During the month of April, Black Tie Magazine celebrated the Anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales, with the presentation of a runway which Cecilia Perez took an Haute Couture preview. Several weeks later, also during the month of April, a private runway took place organized by Mr. Emanuele Viscuso as part of the Sicilian Film Festival in Coral Gables, Florida.

This year was particularly significant for the Haute Couture Designer because she was able to be active in her native country, Colombia showing her collection.

A cocktail party in the Dann Carlton Hotel in Bogota, Colombia was offered by Cecilia Perez where a wedding dress exhibition full of flair and taste was flaunted. Alex Flaque, President of Gaudi House was gladly impressed by what he saw and expressed through diverse media that he hadn't seen such an exciting design in twenty years.

On September, the runway named ALO Bit Woman unfolded in front of the Colombian public. The funds collected through this runway have the objective of achieving a dream for a child with cancer. Cecilia Perez is proud to have been there and hope the dream of many children are accomplished.

October was a stimulating month with contrasting and satisfying events. On the 14th, she was selected to introduce some of her pieces in the Vanidades Runway. Even though, she couldn't personally attend, the haute couture pieces were shown and very well received. That same week, Cali Exposhow took place. This was truthfully the first time Cecilia Perez has a complete runway with her collection in Colombia. The show titled Cara Sposa had excellent national and international press comments and attendance.

Lastly, Cecilia Perez wants to close the year not only thanking but inviting time and time again all clients, sponsors, presenters, staff and press to continue looking forward to years to come with a spirit of love and happiness.