Friday, December 04, 2009

Rally for Kids With Cancer: Need I Say More?

On November 20th and 21st Cecilia Perez participated for the first time as a proud sponsor of Rally for Kids with Cancer, a majestic charity pushed forward by an actress that is not only beautiful on the outside but more so in the inside, Eva Longoria. This charity helps kids with no funds to continue on with their cancer treatments. The courageous strengths of these souls are an inspiration to anybody in the world. Their smiles yet their health so devastated by a mortal sickness is a boost for the spirit of any human being.

Cecilia Perez got the opportunity to share again a moment with Eva Longoria but this time it was the most wonderful of all giving the opportunity for fashion to hold the hands of many children that need some TLC to continue on with a battle that can be disheartening. Still, their faith and hopeful eyes are the best gift one can receive.

We want to thank Eva Longoria for inviting us to participate in this beautiful cause and want to make this invitation extensive to all of those that can help, anything counts and can save a child's life.

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